DALVA´s Colheitas at Singapore

cdasilva | 12-09-2012

Mathieu Delaunay is a french Wine specialist / importer with a very important mission, providing comprehensive information and demystifying the Port as an aperitif or digestive beverage.

By presenting the Premium Ports at Singapore, his mission as a Port Wine ambassador includes also very important matters as the proper storing, ageing and serving.

To help you with more details you may check out his website: from where several people (professionals and private consumers) at Singapore purchase the selected Ports.

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"I have always enjoyed atypical wines. Because of the very unusual wine-making procedures based on traditional methods, including stopping the fermentation of the must by adding unflavored grape spirit, blending and aging.
Ports bring another dimension to the pleasure of drinking: Fragrance, length in the mouth, balance between tannins and sweetness, ultra long finish, these are the key words in describing the world of Port. I hope to be able to communicate my passion to you."
Matthieu Delaunay

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